Guide to Buying Lake Property ​

Many of us dream one day of owning a lakehouse. And given the recent Covid-19 pandemic, the need to “escape” has taken on en even greater importance in our lives. But these transactions are very particular vs. your run-of-the-mill real estate deals – from 420 lines to crazy land grab free-for-alls, they are anything but standard. Having built a lakehouse myself from scratch, I am intimately familiar with the special challenges of these deals. As you can imagine, the demand for these properties has skyrocketed making who you work with even MORE important. Married to a West Texas boy who grew up on the lake, I am doubly-blessed as he himself is truly an expert! How many times have we gotten in a boat to check lake depths, him with a rope and me with a notepad in my hand? I’d be so hpappy to help be your guide through the process of aquiring your dream escape!

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