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I got into real estate sales, as I have a passion for interior design and home building. I LOVE using that knowledge to help my clients get into their dream homes! However this past month has been my most rewarding. After noodling for some time as to how I can give back to my community, I found something that checked all the boxes! I learned about a wonderful organization that helps families in crisis, who are struggling with the effrects of domestic violence. The Denton County Friends of the Family provides a wide variety of services to their clients, but where I could best help was with their transitional housing program.

Sadly 1 in 4 women will experience intimate partner violence in their lifetime, a statistc that hit me right at my core.  Not only is this a tragedy for the women who endure this heinous crime, but aslo for their families (children). This wonderful organization provides the following services: A crisis line, emergency shelter, advocacy services, adult ad child counseling, battering intervention, a thrift store an finally transitional housing. 

A couple of friends and I came up with an idea – why not organzie a community home decor exchange, where we could help not only raise awareness for this worthy cause, but also donate a lot of sorely needed decor items to make their transitional housing feel like a real home – safe, cozy, and peaceful. So we got to work! We ended up having around 60 people who were interested, and even after our “trades” were completed, we donated 3 FULL SUV’s worth of decor and furniture!

Based on feeedback from participants and the organization, we decided this need to be quarterly event! The next one is scheduled for early October, to coincide with Domestic Violence awareness month. If you are interested in donating items or attending the next event, please contact me so we can get you on our event announcements list!

As always, all my best to you and your family, xoxo


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